The FCC, along with some contributor partners have recently launched a tool aimed at smartphone users. Or more specifically, new smartphone users. The tool can be found on the FCC website and is called Smartphone Security Checker. This tool is available for Android users (as well as other mobile operating systems) and offers advise and suggestions on how to secure your smartphone.

That being said, we suspect that many of the regular Android Community readers will already be familiar with some of these topics. But on that note, this could be something good to pass off to a friend or family member that is not quite as tech-friendly. The FCC website offers the option to get the 10 customized steps based on your operating system and also as a general smartphone security checklist.

Looking at the list and you will find topics telling you that you should set PINs and passwords, should not modify your smartphones security settings, should backup and secure your data, should only install apps from trusted sources, understand app permissions before accepting them, install security apps that enable remote location and wiping and more.

Like we said, many of the Android Community readers will likely already be familiar. Of course, the problem here, while we suggested passing this list off to friends and family members that may be new smartphone users — we also realize that we may be setting you up. After all, while this list is pretty good, it will probably only result in a ton of questions from those who actually read it.

[via FCC]