Whoa, this news came out of nowhere. This morning the Department of Justice and the FBI have confirmed that they have seized three Android App pirating websites. These are well known pirate websites that are taking away the hard earned dollar of our developers. Sites listed today include: applanet.net, appbucket.net and snappzmarket.com and this is only the start.

A press release from the DOJ confirms all the details, and explains just what these sites were doing — although I’m pretty sure you all understand just fine. The three sites listed above were hosting hundreds or thousands of paid copyrighted Android apps and were allowing the illegal distribution of said apps. All three are now in the governments control.

We are also seeing a few other popular pirate sites such as Blapkmarket.com hitting the fan too. They aren’t listed by the DOJ and FBI, but surely isn’t up and running as of this morning. During the FBI’s sting operation they downloaded hundreds of paid apps and were then issued 9 warrants — although some of the sites were hosted overseas.

Pirating is nothing new. From the music and video industry to now Android. This has been a growing problem for months and months and it appears that the DOJ is finally starting to take action. This is the first of its kind against the growing Android app world, and surely there will be more to follow. There was no mention of arrests in the case but we’ll be hearing more soon.

Buy those apps and support our developers guys!

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