Many people may be leaving Facebook for good but we know there are some gamers who may be staying just to see what new games to try on the platform. The top social media network has introduced a new gaming hub called that is set to rival Twitch. The app is now on the Play Store and acts as a gateway to a new online gaming hub that will allow many gamers to stream their plays. The idea is for these streamers to share with their fans their gaming experiences live on Facebook.

The is for the gaming community people who want to have a one-stop shop for all the streamers and celebrity gamers they follow. Streamers will also find this mobile app useful because they can easily keep track of their Pages and Groups and of course, followers.

The app developed by Facebook is now on the Google Play Store but is still in beta. That means app is unreleased. Download and install at your own risk but don’t expect complete support yet. is still in beta but we can already have a glimpse of the gaming content available. Feel free to connect with gamers and creators, play instant games, and then join communities if you’re looking for people that have the same interests as you.

With the app, you can discover personalized gaming content, connect with gaming creators, and play those games instantly. If you are on any Facebook data plan, know that the app is also compatible. If you enjoy playing FB games, we suggest you get the app because the next Messenger redesign will do away with mobile gaming.

Download (unreleased) from the Google Play Store

VIA: TechCrunch