We’ll never be done with launcher apps for Android. In fact, we’ll continue to look for similar ones more frequently in the coming year. We want fresh apps like this FastKey Launcher. It’s another app that offers fast launching of others apps, games, and features one always uses. With only a few taps on the home screen, you can open an app as fast as 16 millisecond. That’s an ultra-fast response time especially if you’re looking for a new contact and apps with the always-on keyboard.

All you need to do is type a few letters and suggestions will show up. Click on the app icon to launch or find a contact. You can also call another person directly from the home screen. This launcher makes everything light and easy.

The launcher’s user experience is actually very familiar but this one seems to be very light. FastKey Launcher is said to be a super fast home screen replacement for any Android device. App has been updated recently to fix the unpredictable infinite-loading circle you may see on the Start screen as reported earlier by some users. It should be fixed anytime soon but feel free to check if a new update is ready.

Download FastKey Launcher from the Google Play Store