The Jaybird Tarah Bluetooth headphones were the first devices that got the Fast Pair connection from Google, which makes it easier to connect Bluetooth headsets and speakers to your Android device. They added more than 10 devices at this year’s I/O conference and now they’re introducing more features to make it easier to manage your Bluetooth devices. This includes support for Truly Wireless devices, addition to the Find My Device section, and with Android Q, an enhanced Bluetooth device details page.

There are several True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headphones that have been introduced over the past few months and so Google is adding more support for these devices. Later this year, if you use Fast Pair for your headsets, it will be able to show individual battery information for both the case and the buds. You will also get other things like case open and close battery notifications and per component battery reporting.

The Find My Device app and website is a pretty important feature for those who constantly misplace their device. Your Fast Pair devices will soon show up in this section so you can view the location as well as the time of last use. You can even unpair or ring the device to locate them, well, if they’re in range. This will hopefully save you lots of time from constantly searching for your earbuds under that pile of clothes in your room.

When Android Q rolls out, you will get an enhanced Bluetooth device details page for those that have used Fast Pair. This is so you can better manage your key settings, including the Find My Device links, Google Assistant settings (if available), plus other OEM-specified settings that should be able to link to the respective companion app. They did not specify if this is already available in the Q beta build being tested but you can check it out.

Google is opening up Fast Pair for developers who have Bluetooth devices that meet the specifications and supported chipsets. All you have to do is go to the Nearby Devices console to register your product. The other devices that are now also Fast Pair compatible are:

* Anker Spirit Pro GVA
* Anker SoundCore Flare+ (Speaker)
* JBL Live 220BT
* JBL Live 400BT
* JBL Live 500BT
* JBL Live 650BT
* Jaybird Tarah
* 1More Dual Driver BT ANC
* Cleer Ally Plus