Some people think there isn’t much improvement when it comes to Bluetooth technology but we notice it’s faster, more stable, and more reliable now. Why do you think more Bluetooth speakers and devices are being sold these days? We’re now on Bluetooth 5.0 although we know not all gadgets support the latest version. Still, Bluetooth is considered a standard. Bluetooth pairing for Android was made easier starting last year, thanks to Fast Pair.

The tech giant made a small update by releasing the Fast Pair Validator app on the Google Play Store. This helps Bluetooth product makers to support and improve on Bluetooth pairing.

It is one solution that is now being followed by device syncing for Chromebook and other accessories. This update will be available next year.

Fast Pair makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). It is actually a big part of Google Play services.

Google has started working with more than a dozen OEMs, brands, and manufacturers to ensure Fast Pair is included. It allows stress-free Bluetooth pairing for Android phones and other devices.

One goal is to make more devices compatible with Fast Pair so pairing is faster. Some brands include Jaybird, Bose, and Anker SoundCore among others.

SOURCE: Android Developers Blog