We had seen the teasers, however as of today, Fast & Furious 6: The Game has officially arrived for Android. The game is available for free and currently sitting in the Google Play Store. We know there was a fair amount of people waiting for this release, but we suspect there may be a bit of disappointment. That is not to say you shouldn’t test the game yourself, but our experience was not all that great and to make sure we were not alone in those thoughts, we checked the current Play Store comments.

The Play Store rating is sitting at a middle of the line 3.4, but we are seeing complaints dealing with crashing and slow load times. Our testing did not result in any crashes, but the process of getting started did feel like it took forever. The game downloads from the Google Play Store quick enough but at first launch you will be waiting for a few additional file downloads. Those took a few minutes and then the game went into make-us-wait mode while it did some extracting and loading.


Once we actually got to a point where the game was ready to be played things went a bit smoother. In fact, the game was actually quite a bit of fun to play. This one is obviously Fast & Furious themed, however it should be familiar to those who like racing games. Basically, that is to say you have to buy and upgrade your car as well as buy and upgrade other goodies.

The game does a decent amount of coaching and teaching along the way. In fact, you have a black square and highlights on the track for when you need to start drifting. There is also a shift indicator and a prompt to let you know when yo get started. Otherwise, the graphics looked rather nice on our Galaxy S III and perhaps more important — the game play was smooth.

All said and done, while there is a bit of disappointment with the whole getting started process, once you manage to make it past that point things do get better. Basically, what we are saying is that the you may need some patience and some time when first getting started. Of course, the the game is free so we suppose we shouldn’t complain all that much.

SOURCE: Google Play Store