King, the game developer who can probably be blamed for a lot of killed productivity thanks to Candy Crush Saga, is unleashing another one of its games, but this time with a healthier theme. Farm Heroes Saga, a hit casual game on Facebook, has now arrived on mobile platforms for Android and iOS users to enjoy and fawn over.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, Farm Heroes Saga is similar to Candy Crush Saga in the sense that it also a same-three match type of game. Instead of bright colored sweets, Farm Heroes Saga puts you in charge of luscious looking farm products, called “Cropsies”. The basic goal of each level is the same: clear out as much of the cropsies as you can by matching groups of three or more. But as with Candy Crush Saga, there is an overarching plot, which features more strongly in this game.


Every cropsie you match gets you closer to driving away Rancid the Raccoon, the game’s antagonist who is naturally intent on destroying the peace and harmony of your farm. Farm Heroes Saga injects some new elements, including rechargeable boosters and extra moves. And, unlike Candy Crush, you now have regularly occurring boss fights against Rancid that will help keep you on your toes in this otherwise very casual game. Best of all, the mobile version syncs flawlessly with the Facebook game so players can switch between mobile device and PC any time.


If you’re willing to risk getting hooked again on another King masterpiece that has already ensnared many on its Facebook version, then Farm Heroes Saga is yours to download and play for free. Worry not, as your favorite in-app purchase perks will also be there to keep you company.

Download: Farm Heroes Saga on Google Play Store
VIA: Gamasutra