For all the die-hard Twitter fans and users out there we have some excellent news regarding one of the most popular Twitter clients on Android. The ever-improving and awesome app Falcon Pro received a rather sizable update today bringing tons of new features and bug fixes. Most notable is all the changes and notifications to starred users. Read on for the full changelog.

We’re big fans of Twitter here on Android Community, and Falcon Pro is one of a few we’d highly recommend. The developers are quick and friendly, and are keen on improving the app with frequent updates. Just as expected, today we’re getting a host of new feature and more.

Today’s update is mainly about “starred users” and this will be bringing tons of features to help you follow who you’d like with ease, get notifications when they tweet, and all sorts of other goodies. The changelog is fairly large so take a peek below then hit the link at the bottom of the page to get Falcon Pro now.

– *Starred Users* Inline Articles preview with offline access (enabled for all Starred Users that you follow)
– *Starred Users* Individual notifications (disabled by default)
– *Starred Users* Offline access
– Translations (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish & Norwegian. More to come)
– Open twitter status links in Falcon
– Back button now usable in internal browser to navigate
– Feedback and bug report form in the app settings
– Improved Image loading speeds, now with progress bar
– Fix : user autocompletion
– Fix : HTC keyboard auto correct

Being able to get notifications when certain starred users tweet is a big one, now you can stalk those favorite NFL players and celebs over on Twitter with ease. Then opening links and status updates right in Falcon is a big one too. Then there appears to be a few bug fixes for HTC users and the autocomplete function to name a few. The update is available as we speak so get it below, then hit the rest of the links for additional Twitter app coverage. Follow us at @Androids while you’re at it.

[via Play Store]