Heads up, hipsters: if you got Instagram anywhere but the Google Play Store, you might want to get rid of it right now. Reports of a malicious copy are coming out of Russia, stating that once users download and install the malicious app it starts sending texts to premium SMS numbers making these little Trojan making hackers plenty of cash – you’ve been warned.

Why users would opt to download Instagram from anywhere but the official market (Play Store) beats me, but people do. Once users install this malware infested copy-cat there’s no telling what all it will do. From sending out contacts, stealing personal data and more. According to Trend Micro this Insta-Trojan is pretty serious once installed.

Trend Micro claims this is a popular strategy and there are multiple similar malicious apps like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds and many others. We still feel the same as usual here, don’t download weird apps, and only get them from trusted sources — like the Google Play Store. Don’t do anything unsafe and you’ll be just fine folks. Oh and don’t forget to check out our Five alternatives to Instagram.

[via LifeofAndroid]



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