If you’re a hardcore Android person, you will have heard of the Fairphone 2. Otherwise, we need to remind you that the Fairphone 2 is the idea of a Dutch startup – a modular phone much earlier available than Google’s Project Ara, and then also built with “non-conflict” minerals (minerals gathered and produced through more ethical sources and means). We’ve waited for a while to see what iFixit’s team of teardown specialists would have to say about this, but the wait is over.


First off, every repair tech needs to get into the back of the device. The techs at iFixit did this by the use of… human hands, no tools required. The back cover is snug, but it snaps off – no adhesive whatsoever. All components are available to be taken off with just one size of Phillip’s screwdriver. Yes, they used just one size of screw all throughout the phone.



Then you get to the battery, and yes, as expected, no adhesive there as well – the battery comes off by hand. The LCD screen – that other element of the phone that usually needs to be replaced – also comes off with no tools required. The camera mounts, microphone, and headphone jack are held in place with the same screws.


The one fault of the Fairphone 2’s design is that the LCD screen and the glass protection is fused together, but this is not unlike most phones. The process is pretty much commonplace. The whole teardown earns the Fairphone 2 a rare 10-out-of-10 score from iFixit’s repairability scale. Wow. Check out the full teardown at the source link.


SOURCE: iFixit


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