At the very least, that’s what it looks like on this source video we have for you. Factory Reset Protection (or FRP) is Android’s solution to “what happens if your phone got stolen”. FRP – first out on Android Marshmallow – means that whoever has your phone can’t just wipe your OS to defaults and start like new, like in older Android versions. The problem is that, FRP was proven hackable on Marshmallow, and it looks like it is hackable on the Android N Preview as well.

The video below is done by the YouTube channel of You should really watch the video first. It’s kind of confusing, but since it’s in video format – you can follow it step by step. Oh the wonders of streaming video. There are a lot of steps, so learn it, or have the video on hand when you want to try this.

The steps go through a number of help and feedback options, then through the cloud printing feature of Android. Once in there, the user is given access to the main Settings menu, where you can actually go to the Backup & Reset and do the factory reset.


You might say, this just gives those smartphone thieves a way to reset your phone. Well, yes. But it also alerts the almighty Google that its FRP is sort of a hackable thing right now, and you don’t want that. Hopefully Android will fix this in Android N.