If you’re the type of person who likes to change their smartwatch face every once in a while or even every day, watchface apps are a must-have. Facer is one of the most popular apps out there for this purpose and the latest update brings users Facer 5.0. With this new version, you get to have Facer Premium, the first ever watch face subscription with more premium features of course. You also get new watch face partners with this latest update as well as new features like a daily feed and support for new smartwatches.

Smartwatch personalization is probably not the thing that you most need but for a lot of users, it’s the thing that they want the most out of their wearable. If that is a priority for you, then this new Facer Premium subscription should be something you’ll want. Well, that is if you have a spare $4.99 every month. You’ll have access to the entire database as well as all the color customization, interactive widgets, app launchers, etc. It’s also ad-free so there’s that.

Facer 5.0 is also getting new partners in their Watchface Series Program like AVI-8, Mr Jones. Watches, and Daniel Wil-Harris. These are traditional watch designers and now their work is being adapted for the digital smartwatches for the first time ever. You also now get support for new devices like Fossil Sport, Montblanc Summit 2, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Skagen Falster 2, TicWatch Pro, etc.

The Facer Feed is a new feature that will curate watch faces based on your own tastes. It will look at past faces that you’ve downloaded and used as well as designers you follow. It will then give you a daily feed so it will be much easier for you to choose your new watchface and even to change it every day if you want to.

You can update your Facer app to version 5.0 to avail of these new features. For Facer Premium, you’ll get a 7-day free trial if you sign up this month and get the introductory rate of $4.99 per month.



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