Facebook Reality Labs Wrist Computing

Facebook has since grown into a tech giant. It’s more than just a social network. The company has acquired a number of companies and continues to venture into different businesses. It has a research and development arm that works on several projects–turning ideas into realities. Not every concept becomes a real product but there are those that have potential to be big and really useful. The Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) Research is currently building an interface for augmented reality.

The FRL is working on a new interface for AR that doesn’t force people to choose between interacting in the world or with the devices. The goal is to come up with a more natural and intuitive system to interact with AR glasses.

Facebook has shared a video featuring “Human-Computer Interaction at the Wrist”. Watch the video HERE.

Facebook’s idea is a wrist-based input working with a limited contextualized AI. This system is said to adapt dynamically to the user and environment.

Voice is already an available input source. It’s just one but it’s not that private although it is very intuitive. It’s also not reliable at times due to the possible noise in the surrounding.

Facebook believes a wrist-worn device may be more useful and convenient. It could be in the form of a smartwatch or a fitness tracker which is easy to carry. It’s also great for all-day wear. It can also be developed into a more powerful device, working as a special platform for antennas, battery, or computing. It can also support several sensors.

Facebook may be adding EMG (electromyography) to a wrist-worn device so it can read digital commands, even personalized ones. EMG can read more clearly even in just a millimeter distance so it’s effortless.

This improvement may progress to richer controls in the future. Maybe controlling virtual objects and UIs will be possible someday as seen in the video.