We don’t know if it’s just to save face after another mishap or if they really planned to announce this all along (we suspect the former), but Facebook may have just confirmed that they will be introducing an “unsend” message feature soon. This comes on the heels of several users reporting that messages from CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other top executives have disappeared from their Messages Inbox. A Facebook spokesperson has since then confirmed that they will indeed be offering this capability to all users, and not just in the secret message feature.

If you are not update about the latest Facebook issue, it seems that the company deleted previous messages from Zuckerberg and other executives. We don’t know if they honestly thought that people wouldn’t notice, but obviously, a lot are not happy that they are able to tamper with users’ inboxes without them knowing about it. But Facebook said that this was part of the changes that they made to protect executives’ communications after the infamous Sony Pictures email hack and that they’re doing this “in full compliance with our legal obligations”.

And while they have confirmed that the Unsend feature will be coming for all users, they still have not finalized how the feature will work and so no official statement has been made. What they have right now is the secret messaging feature which allows you to send a message with an unsend timer. But you cannot use this in existing messaging threads and you will have to create a new message in order to use it.

The fact that Facebook still doesn’t have any details about how the unsend feature will work proves that they made the announcement prematurely just to save face over the deleted Zuckerberg messages. Let’s see if they will be able to turn this one around just like they’re trying with all the other issues they’re currently facing.

VIA: Tech Crunch