Being messaged of an Amber Alert on our phones is nothing new but promising in a sense that its a new way to communicate attention. Facebook announced today that they would be collaborating with the National Security for Missing and Exploited Children to send AMBER Alerts to the Facebook community. The efforts to communicate the Amber Alert would up the chances of a rescue and possibly save a life.

Facebook feeds have changed drastically over the past several years. No longer do you log in and just see endless posts of photos being uploaded by your friends and family. We see content from advertisement, to blog posts, videos, and pictures from other sites. AMBER Alerts will now be posted into your news feed in targeted search areas after a child has been abducted and National Center has issued an alert.

The alerts will include photographs, details of the missing child, and info relating to the vehicle. Alerts will be displayed on both mobile and desktop versions. This will allow more sharing throughout the community and will allow everyone to be notified more efficiently.

The new partnership sounds promising with efforts to execute locating children who fall victim to abduction. Lets work together and keep the children of America safe.

SOURCE: Facebook