Facebook still believes in pushing its video agenda through its Watch platform and community. While it’s not yet as popular and ubiquitous as they would want, they continue to add things like original programming and new features so as to entice users and creators as well. They want to continue building the community through more content as well as enhancing the Watch Party experience. They’re also bringing more ways to share music within the Facebook app itself and through its partners.

Facebook Watch will be bringing more new episodes of Red Table Talk, their talk show featuring three generations of Pinkett women: Jada Pinkett Smith, her mom Adrienne, and her daughter Willow. They have “candid conversations” about varied topics like addiction, domestic violence, race, etc. Will Smith is also joining the Facebook Watch family with his Bucket List show. SKAM Austin, the US version of the popular Norwegian series, will also be getting a Season 2 soon.

They will also now be trying out a new Watch Party feature which they will be testing out during the UEFA Champions League football (the real one) matches. When you start a Watch Party, you can now choose the “on TV” option where you can choose a live game. You can discuss and react all throughout the game and hosts can test out interactive tools like adding trivia questions, fun facts, and live polls. This feature will be for sports at first but will eventually be available for other live events like awards shows, show premieres, etc.

As for music, more than 40 countries will now be able to share their personal videos and legally add music to them on the social network. India and Thailand are the newest countries that can do so. Previously, you could also add songs to your profile (as well as other places like Stories) and now people can tap through to Spotify so they can listen to the full song and even find other songs by the artist.

Of course, you can experience all of this if Facebook will not have an outage like the one that they had today which caused worldwide panic. Hopefully, that will not happen again anytime soon.

SOURCE: Facebook