You probably don’t spend hours on the Facebook Watch section of the social media platform as there are so many options out there for video streaming. But nonetheless, Facebook really wants you to “binge-watch” the news, music videos, TV shows, sports, and live events videos that you can find there. And the latest update adds some new features that they’re hoping would entice more eyeballs. You will now be able to follow topics like you do pages and you also get a What’s Happening section to make it easier to find more videos to watch.

Finding videos to watch on Facebook Watch isn’t as easy as you would expect, basically since you have to follow pages and profiles to populate your video feed. But now Facebook wants you to find more videos by following topics, just like you would the pages and profiles so videos that you want to watch will show up in your Watch feed. There are currently hundreds of topics to choose from, ranging from Beauty to Crafts to Comedy to Dance.

And when you choose the topics to follow, you can also see suggestions of new pages to follow. Having more topics added to your list will make your Watch feed feel a little more personalized. The topics you follow will only be visible to you and you can add and remove topics any time you want. For now, this seems to be available only in the U.S. so people elsewhere will have to make do with their regular video news feed.

Also in the U.S and selected markets only, you’ll be able to see new sections called What’s Happening and featured sections. These are videos curated by Facebook and seems to be focusing on live or timely and relevant events that are live or on repeat viewing. This includes events like the Emmy Awards, MLB World Series, etc. You’ll also see sections like “Most Loved This Week” or “Most Haha’d”.

These new sections are in addition to the videos you’ll see on your Watch Feed that are based on the videos your friends are watching or your groups are reacting to. Facebook didn’t really say if they will make this available in other countries and territories.