Facebook has launched their latest password security option. This one is called Trusted Contacts and it has the user picking a few trusted friends who will be used if or when you ever find yourself unable to access your Facebook account. Basically you pick a few friends you can trust and if you are ever locked out of your account they will provide the security codes that will allow you back in.

The Trusted Contacts name sort of rings true here as you will need to pick contacts that are truly trusted. Basically, think of your trusted friend as being someone you would feel comfortable leaving a spare house key with. But also as someone that regularly uses Facebook and perhaps most important, a friend that will be wiling to help out in your time of need.

Remember, if you are locked out of your Facebook account, those friends will be the ones granted you access. This Trusted Contacts setup will be available as an alternative to answering security questions. And rest assured in knowing that Trusted Contacts can be changed at any time.

Anyway, while the process of actually choosing a few trustworthy friends may be difficult for some, the process of getting this setup is relatively simple. The one catch for those who primarily access Facebook on a mobile device — you will need to head to the desktop to get this going. Once on a regular desktop, just head to the Security option in the Settings.

[via GigaOm]