One of the lesser known features that Facebook introduced three years ago is the thing called Photo Sync, where you could set it up to automatically upload photos you took and saved on your camera roll onto their server, privately of course. But then a few months ago, they introduced another app called Moments, where you could create private photo galleries and choose which friends you can share them with. That basically rendered the former obsolete, and so now it is being shut down in favor of the latter.

You’ve probably been seeing that notification that photo sync will cease to exist eventually, but maybe you didn’t pay attention to it, or you didn’t actually care. But basically what it means is that if you like backing up your photos on Facebook for some reason (for easier sharing, for one), then you would have to get on Moments if you haven’t yet. And if you haven’t yet, then that means Facebook’s marketing mojo doesn’t work on you, as they have been heavily promoting the app for the past few months.

Actually, Moments is really way, way better than Photo Sync in terms of functionality and features. The problem is that it’s another stand-alone app that you have to download and install, and of course it will take up precious memory and space on your device. That’s no problem if you have a huge internal memory, but if not, then you probably will not do so.

In any case, if you do decide to go on Moments, the transition will happen by January 10, so you still have a few weeks to decide. If you don’t want to add another Facebook app to your device, then you can either delete all the previously synced photos or download them in a zip file. You can download Moments from the Google Play Store for free.

VIA: SlashGear