While the Stories feature of Instagram has taken on a life of its own (and may actually be more popular than the main feed), the feature on the main Facebook app is another story. For those who still use both networks, Facebook Stories is not a priority and they would instead spend their precious minutes watching and posting on the other network. But it looks like the social network will try to bring it to one of the more relevant features that people still use on Facebook, the events feature.

While a lot of the younger crowd have virtually abandoned Facebook, the events feature is still one of the reasons why some of us older users still stay. It’s still one of the best ways to organize meet-ups, events, workshops, etc. And since businesses still use the network as its main platform, there is still a lot of activity going on, at least in the events section.

It’s not a surprise now that Facebook will be integrating a bit of Stories into events. They will be testing a way for users to invite their friends and contacts to attend specific events they might be interested in by using the Stories feature. They will be testing it out first with mobile users (both iOS and Android) in the US, Brazil, and Mexico and if all goes well, you should be able to see it tested in your region eventually.

The Stories will be linked automatically to the event page it pertains to and will have tappable stickers which should reveal the event details. Your contacts will also be able to respond by toggling interested or going, kind of how you toggle answers when you poll your friends in Stories. You will also be able to start a group chat on Messenger with your friends who responded to your Stories event invite.

Now if a lot of your friends are still using Facebook anyway, particularly Stories, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if they are more on Instagram or they don’t view Stories, it should be a challenge to invite them and get them to respond. Let’s see how the test goes and if this is the right strategy to get more people on Facebook Stories.

VIA: The Verge