The algorithm of our Facebook timelines are still a mystery to most of us and so a lot of people who are still very much into the whole Zuckerberg eco-system are turning to Groups for more interaction. The social media giant themselves have been pointing people towards that and it looks like they also want to combine that with Messenger so that you won’t be complaining about spam and all that jazz. Soon you’ll be able to create mini-chats within your respective Groups.

While Groups are always a good way to communicate with your various niche communities, sometimes the conservations and posts can get a little too overwhelming. That’s why the new feature will make it a bit easier to manage things within the group. Members will be able to create group chats about sub-topics which can be joined by up to 250 of the members within. You can also start audio or video calls with up to 50 members, if it’s something that’s better heard or seen.

You will get a notification whenever a new group chat is initiated and you will have to voluntarily join the chat if you want to be part of it. If you feel like being notified every time there’s a new message there, then just go on but to avoid flooding, you can also just mute notifications and opt to get notified only if you’re mentioned. You can also browse through the various active threads in the Chat tab and join any if they haven’t reached the limit yet.

More and more people are dissatisfied with the interactions on their timelines and would rather just focus on Groups. If you haven’t joined one or started one, you’re missing out on the various things that you can do there that is more for your particular niche and not for public consumption, like have deeper discussions, plan events and/or meetings, etc.

Facebook will be rolling out this feature gradually to the various Groups in the network. Let’s see if this will be a much-welcomed thing or if it will just add to more noise on your social media.

VIA: Tech Crunch