It seems Facebook is up to something, and hopefully that something is exciting. Just a bit ago, press invites went out to an event on April 4 inviting guests to “come see our [Facebook’s] new home on Android.” What that means is up in the air, but we won’t have to wait very long to find out. The event is in seven days, and some sources are already leaking information.

The invite doesn’t say anything about the event except that it is Android-centric, and is taking place in Menlo Park, California. Whether the social network giant will unveil a new Android app or its own operating system is unknown, but sources that talked to the folks over at TechCrunch are saying it will be an operating system/phone.

The source had advised them to keep an eye out for a Facebook event in April, which helps lend them a bit of authority on the topic. According to the source, the Android operating system that will be unveiled won’t be a complete remake, but rather a modified version of the mobile OS that has Facebook functionality woven throughout it.

The sources are also quoted as saying that this Facebook operating system will most likely be presented in conjunction with an HTC handset, although model wasn’t specified. Keep in mind, neither the operating system nor the Facebook Phone are official, and the only thing we know for sure is that Facebook plans to show us something in a few days. Stay tuned, and we’ll update you next week!


  1. who will go for a facebook phone when they can have an android device on which fb works. well…… and i doubt any one uses fb for purpose other than posting updates and commenting


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