If you’ve been syncing your smartphone photos to your Facebook for the past year or so, then you’ve probably received the notification that they have stopped this auto sync and instead will let their photo app, Moments, do that job for them. But now, you have just a few weeks to save the photos you’ve synced onto your device (in case you’re using multiple devices or a different one now) or the social network will delete them forever.

The instructions are actually pretty simple, except if you want to go through each and every one of those photos to choose which one to save and which one to delete. If you do want to use Moments, a stand-alone app which will sync your photos from your device onto there, then all you have to do is download the app (if you don’t have it yet) and sync before July 7 and it will automatically get all your photos synced to Facebook previously.

But if you actually don’t want another photo app on your smartphone or tablet but you would like to save the synced photos onto your computer, then you’d have to do it manually. Go to your profile, Photos and then look for the Synced from Phone album. Choose the photo or photos you want to download, click on Options at the bottom and then choose Download. Or if you want to delete it, then choose delete.

But if you don’t want to go through the hassle of going through all the photos one by one, then you can also download them all at the same time. There’s a link in the “Get Moments to Keep Your Synced Photos” section that says “download your synced photo” and based on that heading, then you probably know what to do. if you have a lot of photos, then make sure your connection is stable enough and you have time to wait for it to finish.

VIA: SlashGear