Almost a month ago, we told you Facebook would be delaying the release of a smart speaker. It was a rumor we wanted to come true soon and we can’t wait for connected speakers that “talk”. We can’t say yet if it’s going to be Alexa or the Google Assistant but we have a feeling Facebook will launch its own. We’re guessing the top social network will combine most of what other smart speakers already have–artificial intelligence, high-quality audio, smart display, and video chat features.

The Facebook smart speaker is poised to rival the Google Home, Amazon Echo, and even the Apple HomePod. This may not be “more human” like what Huawei is working on but it will be “smarter” because of the more “intimate” experience it can offer.

The company isn’t just announcing one model but two smart speakers. Instead of the May launch as earlier speculated, we can expect the smart speakers to be out later. Mass production will only begin in June but 2018 volumes are said to have been cut by 20%. Launch is now said to be in October.

For 2019, volume production is said to be the same although we don’t know the numbers. Codenamed Aloha and Fiona, these Pegatron-manufactured smart speakers will both have a 15-inch LG Display panel. The Aloha will boast an adjustable display so it will be more expensive than the Fiona.