The Facebook Messenger app (actually, any Facebook app, to be honest) is one of the most data-hungry and battery-eating apps out there. That is why when Facebook stopped allowing people to use the messenger function on the main app, some still opted to use the browser version of the social network if they wanted to use the messaging app. But now, it looks like Facebook is pushing Android users to download the stand-alone app if they want to keep using Messenger.

There is no official announcement yet from Facebook saying that you won’t be able to access your messages on the browser version. But some have already been receiving notifications saying, “Soon you’ll only be able to view your messages from Messenger.” Plus, several Android users are already reporting that when they do try to access their messages, they are being redirected to the Messenger on the Google Play Store.

Aside from the fact that it works in the background and so eats up both data and battery life, the various permissions that it asks in order to work, like for your microphone, doesn’t sit well with some people. When two years ago, Facebook introduced the separate Messenger app, people did not take kindly to being forced to download the app aside from the main app itself.

But it’s the price that you have to pay for being able to use their free service. You always have the choice to use other messaging apps if you feel like Facebook is taking too much of your smartphone space and data allocation. But if you can’t live without the social networking giant, then until they come up with a better app that hogs less, then you’d have to make do with it.

VIA: SlashGear