Facebook Paper is edging towards reality. According to “two people familiar” with the goings-on at Facebook, the social networking giant has been seeking Editors for the news reader. Via the news of hiring Editors, we also get a glimpse at what could make Paper familiar, as well as unique.

The change of pace for Facebook comes in human form. Rather than rely on their News Feed algorithm to provide you with news, these Editors will be in charge of what is pushed to Paper. It reminds us of an app we told you about back in October, Circa. That app also relies on actual people to feed you news, which is both good and bad. On one hand, you potentially get the best content available, rather than sinking in a sea of information. On the other, you’re subject to the whims of an Editor.

The wrinkle comes in deciding which content can be chosen. Sources say Editors will only be able to choose articles that have been published to Facebook proper first. So, if you see something in Paper, it will have been on Facebook first. That gently asks that content providers seek Facebook out ahead of others, as doing so could maximize their impact. A two-pronged news publishing service with News Feed and Paper makes for a very attractive offer.

Paper could serve to cut through the clutter of your News Feed, or it could limit your exposure to information. Time will tell if Facebook has perfected the craft of digital Editing, or if Paper will be a first pass at potential greatness. Originally set for release late this month, Paper is now said to be coming in a few weeks’ time.

Source: Re/Code