Still on Facebook? Not judging but we wonder how you use it nowadays. For me, I just use it to check on local news, what’s trending, and funny viral videos. I don’t share as much but I still use the Messenger a lot to connect with family and friends. I still “like” photos though and stalk and check on my friends and see what they are up to and gush over baby photos.

Facebook’s News Feed has gone through a lot of changes the past decade and Zuckerburg will only make changes until he’s satisfied (but you know, he never will). The personalized news stream was recently updated to show stories that are important to a user. Facebook now ranks stories based on the things you usually comment on or like. Those who you interact with the most, Facebook knows and it will base the top stories from there.

The Facebook News Feed Preferences have also been redesigned to include new controls. You may have noticed some changes lately but Facebook is rolling out the features slowly. They have yet to arrive on Android but the updated controls should be ready soon including choosing friends and what Pages to see first on your stream. Just select those contacts or Pages that you want to see on your News Feed. To do this, simply go to ‘News Feed Preferences’ and tap a friend’s profile to see their posts. Click on the ‘Following’ button and select ‘See First’.

When it comes to Pages, you can discover new Pages based on other Pages you already like. Their posts will then start appearing on your News Feed. Or if you want to “not see” a certain friend or Pages, you can select them to unfollow. If you want to check on friends you’ve unfollowed before, you can view a list and follow them again if you want.

On your Facebook mobile app, you can go to the News Feed Preferences under Settings. The preferences are found under ‘More’ in the bottom right corner of the app. These changes are now available for iOS. Android version will soon follow.

SOURCE: Facebook