After previous reports of an overhaul, Facebook has now officially announced that they are redesigning Pages, bringing a more simplified layout and adding more features for creators and public figures. But probably the biggest change with the update is that they are now removing the “Like” button for the page and will instead be focusing on “Followers”. Pages will also get a dedicated News Feed for the first time to allow them to interact and participate in posts and conversations as the page.

One of the biggest changes for this Pages revamp is that it has removed the page Likes and instead will be focusing on Followers or those who clicked to get updates from the page. This is because there are people who just Like a page because someone asked them or to join a promo or something but then did not want to get updates from the page. By looking at Followers, this will give public figures a better idea of who is actually their fan base.

Another major change we’re seeing is that Pages will get their own News Feed where they can find and join conversations, interact with their peers and their fans, check on trends, etc. It will also suggest new connections for the page, like other public figures, Pages, Groups, etc. Comments from public figures will be seen at the top of the comments section and users will be able to follow pages directly from the comments and recommendations posts.

Other changes Pages will experience are better Page management features to be able to assign access permissions based on specific tasks like Ad, Content, and Community Activity & Messages. Facebook says they have also improved the ability to detect activity and content that goes against their policies like hate speech, violence, sexual or spammy content, and impersonation. They’re also introducing a text-based Q&A format for the public figure and their followers.

Facebook will be rolling out these changes and updates on Pages over the next few months. They didn’t give an actual timetable but some may already be seeing the changes on their app and web browser.