One of the more enjoyable features that Messenger has is that you are able to respond to your friends with all of these amazing GIFs from various sites and probably about any topic under the sun. But on the main Facebook app itself, there is nothing that lets you use that other form of communication which people love to react with, aside from emoticons, stickers and memes. But now it seems like the social media giant is having a change of heart as they will be testing out a GIF button to let people comment with GIFs.

Facebook’s statement is that “everybody loves a good GIF” anyway so they are testing out the ability to add GIFs as comments, pretty much like you would add a picture/meme or sticker when you want to be able to visually react to something. It will work probably like the way it does in Messenger where you can browse which GIFs are trending as well as search for specific reactions. The various databases include clips from a movie, TV show, or cartoon which have been repurposed as a reaction like joy, anger, confusion, and all other expressions you need.

This also gives hope to another social media dream of many: to be able to post these GIFs as News Feed posts. Facebook has reportedly had support for GIFs for the past years but did not want to release it as it may “disrupt” the feed aesthetic of users. But since we already have auto-playing videos already, this may be very well change in the near future. Hopefully.

But for now, we do hope this testing goes well and that in a few weeks, we’ll be able to use that SpongeBob Square Pants GIF meme or to express our disgust for a certain post in more ways than just telling them through words.

VIA: Tech Crunch