The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation is set to take effect this May 25 and as part of their compliance (and also because of all the recent privacy-related issues they’re facing), Facebook has made a detailed post as to what users can expect in the next few weeks and also to remind people of what they can already do when it comes to reviewing the data and information they’ve shared. They are also ensuring that these privacy protection features aren’t just for EU residents but will be applicable to everyone using Facebook.

You’re probably tired of seeing Facebook and privacy-related news, but it’s still very important to know and be reminded of these things, especially if you’re one of those complaining that Facebook has far too much of our information. They’re now asking users to review how they’re sharing data and how Facebook is using it. So you will need to review your ad preferences and revoke whether or not you want them to use your data to show you targeted ads.

You’re also being given the chance to continue sharing or not the political, religious, and relationship information on your profile. If you live in the EU and Canada, you’re also being given the option to turn on face recognition technology. For other territories, that was already turned on but it was opt out. The way to edit these and access these things will eventually be easier to access than its current place, buried under all these settings.

There isn’t really any new privacy agreement, but just Facebook reminding people that these options are already there. We don’t know if Zuckerberg’s recent appearance in Congress will lead to new data collection and privacy laws or something, but at least they are prioritizing compliance with GDPR.

SOURCE: Facebook