It’s no secret that Facebook has primarily provided its employees with iPhones. Presumably, this is why the iPhone app works better than the Android one, and why it receives many more new features through updates. Of course, as an Android user, you are probably well aware of how lacking the Facebook app is for Google’s OS.

Facebook is encouraging employees to switch to Android devices though a program called “droidfood.” Facebook has placed several posters around its offices asking employees to contact its internal helpdesk to switch from an iPhone to an Android device. Of course, it comes down to whether or not Facebook employees are willing to actually make the switch since this program appears to be completely optional.

Facebook wants it employees to report any bugs they stumble upon in the Android version of its app. Facebook also has posters reminding employees of how many more Android devices are in the market compared to iPhones. This is clearly Facebook’s way of telling employees that the problem with the app is unacceptable with the quantity of Androids floating around out there.

According to reports, Facebook employees with Android devices are required to run the recent beta version of Facebook for Android and Facebook Messenger. The beta versions come with the Range Shake bug reporting tool built into the app. It seems like it would be easier to just let end users get access to the bug reporting tool, but as long as Facebook fixes the app, we don’t really care how it gets done.

[via TechCrunch]