Facebook is still in hot water and it may be a while before some people get over the scandal. We believe it may take a while before netizens leave Facebook for a new social network. It will happen someday but not anytime soon. If you’re still on it, we suggest you just be careful and try to make things more private and secure. Don’t post anything that will have you incriminated. The answer to the question “What’s allowed on Facebook?” may be hard to define but the company wants to ensure all and relevant information are out there so it’s releasing community guidelines.

Facebook has posted its comprehensive community standards. Hopefully, doing this will help people understand where Facebook draws the line on issues” and second, allow people to give network feedback so the developers can improve on decisions and guidelines.

The Community Standards were developed by Facebook’s content policy team. Standards have evolved through time so it’s always good to check or change them. Enforcement is challenging but it can be done. When a post is removed, you can take advantage and appeal the issue. When it comes to participation and feedback, we look forward to hearing people’s input.

Check out Facebook’s Community Standards HERE

SOURCE: Facebook