One of the very popular features of check-in applications has been the deals that come along with using the social apps. Facebook is going to update it’s Places feature to include check-in based deals. The initial announcements of how it will first be implemented are very impressive- free pants anyone?

Yes, you heard right, free pants. Gap is going to be giving away free pants to it’s first 10,000 users to check in at the Gap store, if you are not one of the first to snag a free pair, you will still get a one time 40% off coupon.

They also touched in on North Face’s approach to check-ins via Facebook. North Face has added a feature in Facebook places when you check in at a National Park they will donate $1 to NPF.

Facebook Places’ now open nature and provided APIs is a great start for the company’s further journey into the location services market. And with it’s already huge user base we can expect it to leap ahead of many of the other check-in based applications here soon.