While Facebook’s mobile apps across all platforms still leave a lot to be desired, recent updates show that they are listening to customer feedback and may be on its way to vastly improve their customers’ mobile experience. The Pages Manager for Android was recently updated to V2.0, boasting of a new user interface and a minimalist look, that may look familiar to fans of the other kind of popular phone.

The new mainstreamed timeline allows easier access to the pages’ activity as well as the insights page which is truly a must for social media managers. They also now allow pages with multiple admins to see which one makes the post. This was a feature available for the desktop versions, but now only added for the mobile app.

V2.0 still maintains the previous pages feature like managing multiple accounts, which many social media people usually have. It also has the ability to view and reply to private messages, something which you cannot do on the main Facebook app. Managers also have the ability to post the text, pictures, videos, events and at the same time promote the said post for maximum eyeballs.

Download the Facebook Pages Manager at the Google Play Store.