If you still trust Facebook with some of your important information, want to “help” them with their product research and get paid for it, then they have the new app for you. Study from Facebook is their reward-based market research app that will study what apps you use on your phone and other details like how often you use them. This despite numerous privacy and security issues that have given them a bad name among the general public and even governments.

Facebook will be running ads to encourage people to sign up for the market research program. Each person that clicks the ad can register and if they “qualify” (the criteria isn’t really clear), they will be given a link to download the app in the Google Play Store. They will of course need to read the description first about what they’ll be sharing with Facebook and how the app will work.

Once they confirm their participation, they will install the app, participate in the market research, and get compensated for it. It’s not clear though how much they’ll be paid and if it is in cash or in digital currency or even in kind. They clarified that they will be working with a long-time partner, Applause, to handle the registration, compensation, and customer support.

So what is it that Facebook will be needing from you? They will be collecting and analyzing information about the apps installed on your phone, how much time you spend on them, what country you’re from, what device you use, what’s your network type, and the app activity names which may include in-app features.

Facebook assures users that they will not collect user IDs, passwords, or content (photos, videos, messages). If you trust that they really won’t, you have to be 18 years old and have an Android phone to be able to join. It will roll out to US and India and then expand to other countries in the future.