To save your friends and family members the hassle of trying to guess what to get for you this holiday season, maybe you should just “subtly” send them a wish list. Well, if they’re all on Facebook anyway, you can now actually make a collection of things you would love to have and send it to whomever you’re expecting a gift from. That’s because the saved collections feature of the social media giant can also now become a shared collection.

If you somehow haven’t been using Facebook a lot or you don’t explore its features that much, you can actually save posts and links by tapping on the three dots on the upper right of a post and tapping on Save Post. Furthermore, you can organize them into collections, like “recipes to try out”, “travel bucket list”, “my forever crushes”, and other categories you can think of and create.

But the newest thing about collections, for those who are already aware that you can do this, is you can now share these collections with whomever you want. That’s where the simplified holiday gift list comes in. Create a collection for things you’ve seen on Facebook that you may want to receive. Go to your Saved Items section and then choose the collection you may have subtly named “Holiday Collection” or if you want to be straightforward “My Holiday Wish List”.

You’ll see three buttons, Add Items, Invite, and the More button. You’ll want to click on Invite and then from your list of friends, choose the ones that you want to share this with. The more button is just for you to either rename or delete your collection. Of course you can go beyond just sharing your gift list. You can share your books that you read in 2018 or your collection of strange but interesting news.

The collection sharing feature has already started rolling out to users. Expect it to arrive over the next week to all users worldwide.

SOURCE: Facebook