Parents, especially new ones, can always be found sharing photos of their child or children on social networks. Some even give monthly or weekly photo updates to show off how cute their progeny are, especially to relatives or loved ones that are far away and can only see the kids online. But sometimes, the photos are digitally scattered so it’s hard to keep track of them. The largest network of them all. Facebook, is now giving you a much more organized way of sharing your children’s photos with their new Scrapbook feature.

On the Family and Relationships tab on your About section, you can now see an option to create a scrapbook. If you already have a child there on your profile, you just need to click Add Scrapbook. And if your child is too young to have their own FB account, just create a scrapbook, choose the name for it, and choose the tag that you’ll be adding to pictures you’ll be uploading from now on. You can also choose your partner to co-own the scrapbook with you and only you and he/she will be able to choose which photos to put the special tag on to include in the scrapbook.


The next few feature rollouts would also be useful. So that you won’t always flood your timeline with pictures of your kids (not everyone appreciates their pictures, no matter how cute they are), you can invite people whom you know would be interested in your child’s progress, to subscribe to the Scrapbook directly. Or you can also choose specific photos which you want to share with your parents, other relatives, or friends.


This is a Facebook feature that comes from the personal insights of some of the developers and it is obviously a labor of love that will benefit a lot of parents who want to organize the photos of their kids as they slowly grow up. This should be available on your Facebook accounts now, but if it isn’t yet, just wait for the gradual rollout to reach you.

SOURCE: Facebook