Today Facebook is detailing the all-new Facebook front page known as the Newsfeed, and team Zuckerberg just announced a few details. Everything is changing, again. The new redesign will be aimed at “mobile consistency” as well as delivering what they call the best “personalized newspaper” available. It looks like Facebook is about to start taking mobile seriously.

With Facebook being one of the most visited websites in the world, I’m sure a few of you are interesting in seeing what’s new. Essentially what’s going on today is the main page, known as the news feed, is being completely redesigned yet streamlined with mobile. The information will now be more visual instead of a wall of text, and all personalized. The main focus will be on three things:

• Rich Stories
• Choice of Feeds
• Mobile Consistency

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned multiple times “the best personalized newspaper” available. And that is the main focus here with the all new Facebook. The content and visual-rich feeds will now take up roughly 40% of the page, and be streamlined and mirrored to mobile. It looks a bit like Google+. They want to get Facebook out of the way, and let the content take focus. They also claimed the entire design came from mobile. Not only will they be consistent, but the design was actually inspired by mobile.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 12.26.37 PM

Mobile devices don’t have nearly the screen real estate as a PC, so developers had to use the screen as efficiently as possible. They’ve rolled those same ideas over the the desktop. So instead of mobile changing to the web style, they’re blending together and meeting in the middle. The same slide-out menu on mobile is now on the desktop (left) as you can see from the screenshots, and you’ll be able to quickly switch between every aspect of Facebook and your feeds.

The all-new redesign should start rolling out today according to Facebook, but will be extremely slow as they test and perfect the design. Then the mobile apps won’t see it for another “few weeks” or so, but those updates are surely coming soon. We’ll have to see the new app to give our opinion, so stay tuned.

[via Facebook]