Facebook has announced the most recent mobile related change, which in this case happens to be some updates to the Nearby features in the Android app. The updated app is already available in Google Play and according to the folks at Facebook, it will “make it easy to discover new places your friends like.”

That being said, the app will have the ability to find new places and share places with friends. Both of these items are sort of what they sound like based on the name. The find new places portion of the update is available in the Nearby section and simply means that you will be able to see which places your friends have recommended, checked into and liked. Users will also be able to browse based on category. Once in the categories section you will then be able to pull up individual locations and see further details such as the business hours and which (if any) of your friends have been there.

The other side of the Nearby update deals with sharing. This one will allow the user to share their feelings of a particular place by adding a rating or recommendation. This process will then continue as your friends find those same places and leave their own ratings and recommendations.

Simply put, you can think of this as getting a big more Foursquare like. Otherwise, the details coming from Facebook also went on to note that this is an “early release” and there will be more coming. Not to mention, this is a feature that will improve over time as you and your friends begin to use it more and more. Finally, at some point in the “near future” there will also be information from unnamed third party services included.

[via Facebook]