Facebook is introducing two new changes to its mobile app advertising system that should give advertisers new ways to maximize their mobile presence. Starting today, the Facebook mobile app will be showing video ads on News Feeds. And now advertisers can choose to bid only on the clicks that actually earns them users.

Moving pictures are always a more effective way to generate interest. At least, that’s what Facebook is saying as it opens up its video creative to mobile. After all, it’s far easier to get enticed by a video showing how something works than just looking at a series of screenshots or, worse, reading walls of text. Of course, it could go both ways, as video ads are definitely one of the sore points of user browsing experience. Luckily, they don’t autoplay. At least for now.

Facebook is also announcing a new way for advertisers to get their money’s worth. Instead of bidding for mobile ads based on cost per click (CPC) or cost per impression (CPM), Facebook will now be allowing them to bid based on on cost per action (CPA). In layman’s terms, advertisers will only get charged when a user actually installs an app rather than when they simply click on an ad. After all, it’s the actual install count that matters, right?

Facebook will be rolling out the two new advertising features to all developers and advertisers over the next few days. Interested parties will, of course, have to use the Facebook SDK, especially for monitoring app installs based on Facebook ads.

SOURCE: Facebook
VIA: TechCrunch