The latest Facebook Messenger update has arrived in the Play Store this morning. This time around the app has jumped to v5.0 and with that comes a handful of improvements. And while this seems like a worthy update for current Facebook Messenger users — one thing you will not find is a radical change in looks.

One of the key improvements this time around deals with photo sharing, which is something the app now touts as being instant. You’ll be able to take a photo and then send it with just one tap. Users can also expect speed improvements dealing with search (both for people and groups), as well as shortcuts for stickers.

That last bit simply means you can tap and hold on a sticker (that someone sends you) to get the full pack. Video sharing is another item that saw a decent improvement with the v5.0 update. Once updated you will be able to send videos directly from the gallery, and also play them right from within the app. The one catch with the video aspect is that it only works with devices running Android 4.3 or later.

We aren’t sure if this is enough to convince new users to jump from the messaging app they are currently using, but on the flip side, it does seem like a worthy update for current users. Facebook Messenger can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.