With emojis fast becoming an accepted “second language” for some, you can’t help but feel that the first generation smileys and flowers and flags are not enough. And sure enough, every year, the Unicode Consortium releases more and more emojis, with the last major one getting acclaim for introducing racial and gender diversity to the system. Now, Facebook Messenger is making sure that you send and get the emoji that you meant/was meant for you by baking in more than 1,500 emojis into the app.

This means that regardless of what device or what platform you’re using, you’re still seeing the same standardized emojis, thus lessening the chances of misunderstandings (although studies have shown of course that we interpret emojis differently). The new Messenger emojis feature new designs, gender-agnostic options for those not satisfied with the gender-diverse ones, multi-colored, and of course, the racially diverse ones we’ve seen from the Unicode update.


In fact, you can even choose your default skin color for those emojis that have the options. When the updated Messenger launches, you will be asked to pick the skin color you prefer and this will be the default for your emojis from then on. But in case you change your mind, you can also make a one-time decision or change the default in the settings.


You also now get a special emoji picker for all platforms so that it’s easier to find the appropriate emoji that you need at that precise moment. You can update your Messenger app to get all these 1,500 emojis available and confuse and entertain the people you’re talking to.

SOURE: Facebook


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