If you like basketball, then you probably enjoyed playing that “secret” basketball game that Facebook Messenger introduced last March just in time for March Madness. Now that we’re in the midst of football, or soccer if you will, action with the ongoing Euros 2016 competition in France, then it’s just right that the messaging app introduce another hidden game that can waste our time away. So yes, you can now play a “hidden/secret” soccer game with your friends through the Messenger app.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to have full knowledge of the game in order to play it. Just like with the basketball game, it involves swiping and flicking on your screen. To start a game, choose a friend and send them a soccer ball emoji. Tap the emoji and then the game will start with a bouncing ball which you then have to keep bouncing without letting it touch the ground. Every time you tap, you get points, as long as the ball keeps on bouncing.

Sounds easy enough right? Well, just like with the basketball one, it’s not that easy (although it is rather simple). The frustration adds to your desire to play the game over and over again so you get high scores. For what? Well, just bragging rights. You’ll be able to compare your score with your friends too, if you’re kind of competitive of course.

Adding mini-games like this can either just be a themed bonus that Facebook gives its users, but it can also mean that they are trying to research into the feasibility of having in-Messenger games soon. In the meanwhile, let’s have fun making sure your soccer/football is kept up in the air.

VIA: SlashGear



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