Facebook Messenger Kids App

Technology can either be a bane or a boon. It depends on who is describing and in what context. When it comes to raising children, gadgets can be helpful most of the time. However, there are days when you wish the young ones won’t get to access more. We know you don’t want them to learn things you don’t want them to know about yet and that is why parental control and guidance are important. One app that helps the adults keep the kids from bad elements is Facebook Messenger Kids.

The instant messaging app is the kiddie version of the Facebook Messenger. The latest update lets the children add other contacts but still with the approval of parents by making a four-word passphrase. Parents need to turn on a setting that will allow contact requests.

The feature isn’t enabled by default so parents need to check the settings first. A special phrase will be generated. The kids must show it to their contacts and then enter in their own Messenger to be added.

Parents need to receive the request and then approve before the kid can see their friends in the contact list. Facebook users don’t have to be “friends” in order to add or approve new contacts. Requests will still be initiated by the children and their parents need to make an approval.

The Messenger Kids app has hit over 1.4 million downloads across Android and iOS so we’re certain a lot of people will be happy with this development.

Download Messenger Kids from the Google Play Store