Mark Zuckerberg is working on yet another update for the Facebook Messenger. That’s not unusual since the top social network always gets a facelift every now and then. This time, the FB Messenger is said to be working on some Material Design elements to add to the instant messaging app. It’s only a minor update but frequent users of the messaging platform may notice the obvious changes like the new floating action button (FAB).

Instead of a blue bar on top of the screen, this FAB will now be displayed. Click on it and some quick commands will be shown including search, add a contact, start a message, create group, make a call, etc. The effect is a cleaner and bigger display. Icons were updated a bit and then you’ll see a transparent status bar somewhere.

Finally, multiple accounts can now be used and accessed. That’s the only frustrating area but we’re excited that Facebook decided to hear our complaints. Just add or switch between a number of profiles and you can start conversations with more people.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see the changes just yet because the update seems to be rolling out to select users only. We learned about this from a Redditor who shared that he received a server side update for Facebook Messenger. The update is also said to deliver improved battery usage.

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