What we’re about to tell you isn’t part of a new update (at least not yet) and it’s either you have it or you don’t. There is no forcing your app to have this right now. That’s because Facebook has a habit of doing server side A/B testing with various users and now it looks like they’re doing it again and experimenting with different Material Design looks for the Messenger. They also might be bringing back SMS through Messenger and then probably adding multiple accounts as well.

Some users are now seeing a blue action and status bar with white icons, instead of the usual white status bar with blue icons. There are also some different variants of the Material Design floating around so it’s anyone’s guess which one will eventually end up as the actual look for the Messenger. But that’s a good move, doing A/B testing first before settling on something that people will either hate or like, which is what usually happens when Facebook introduces changes.

messenger 2

Something else that they might be bringing back is SMS integration. Previously, you were able to use Messenger as an SMS client, but then suddenly Facebook took that away. Some users are seeing that option again on their apps, with purple used to visually differentiate it from the regular Messenger conversations. And if you have several Facebook accounts, there are also some users saying that they’ve seen multiple account support on their apps.

messenger 3

Now whether we will actually see any of these changes in our Messengers is still unsure and will depend on the results of their testing. If you’re one of the lucky random test subjects, let us know what you think.

VIA: Android Police