Facebook Video Subscription Service

Facebook isn’t going away anytime soon. It may be facing a lot of issues but we know it’s staying for the long haul. It’s only up to the people if they want to leave or not. We know there will be plenty of changes as people are calling for new features and improvements. The top social network has changed over the years and will continue to evolve as long as Mark Zuckerberg allows it. To be honest, it’s more commercialized now and so we understand why people are veering away from it.

Perhaps its purpose has changed for different consumers. They check FB for products and services and for many, entertainment. The company may be offering video subscriptions soon as Facebook is said to be testing the feature. It will be for the resellers and aggregators who will be providing content.

A Facebook subscription VOD service may be a thing soon. At the moment, Facebook is teaming up with four services namely Tastemade Plus, MotorTrend App, CollegeHumor’s Dropout, and BBC and ITV’s BritBox. More channels and TV networks may be added but those four are the only available, at least, for now.

The video-subscription test will be done in the United States in the coming weeks. The idea is that FB will receive the payments from consumers on behalf of the partners. The only information we have from a company representative was this:

“We’re testing video subscriptions on Facebook, starting with a limited set of partners. We’re excited to bring more of people’s favorite shows and videos to Facebook, where subscribers can enjoy the content together with other fans. We’ll be listening to feedback from our community.”

We can expect more partners will be added to the lineup. The services will definitely be priced. We already know Tastemade Plus is $2.99. Dropout comedy and MotorTrend App are $4.99 each while BritBox is $6.99. The prices are the monthly fees.


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