When you’ve already built up a huge nature on Facebook, it’s pretty difficult when you want to post something that might not be appreciated by all the people you’re Facebook friends with. Yes, you can create friends lists and then just choose which lists will see it, but it seems like a lot of effort to put into. That’s why the social network giant seems to be coming out with a Private Profile Feature, at least based on a leak of the Android APK.

Twitter user Matt Navarra noticed that there was a new private profile button as he was browsing the APK of the Android (as one does). From what we can see, it looks like the solution is to create a secondary profile that will be available to just the people you want to add as friend and we assume that it’s not searchable at all. There is also probably no “follow” option for those who just want to see your posts but aren’t necessarily your friends.

When you tap on the button on the Android APK, it leads to…well, nothing. But the fact that there is already a dummy page probably means they’re a bit far along with this new feature. Of course we don’t know any other details about it except its message that “some things are best shared to a small circle”. Google+ actually had a Circle feature with similar purpose, but the execution wasn’t all that great.

Instagram will reportedly also launch a new feature called “Favorites” where you can choose which friends can see specific photos that you post. Facebook is realizing that not everything that we post we want everyone to see.

VIA: Value Walk