Facebook as a social media platform is not going anywhere. It sure is crazy nowadays what with all the politicking. The network is just gonna get used and abused especially before and after the elections. But for those who don’t want to use their beloved profile for sharing views and politics, you can now use Facebook for selling stuff online.

Business owners and even that business-minded sibling of yours can make more money as they can easily sell on Facebook. Think eBay and Etsy or umm, Craiglist. You can now sell stuff with Facebook Marketplace. Sure, there’s always been buy and sell Facebook Groups and your good old timeline to advertise and post whatever you have to sell but with Facebook Marketplace, you can quickly connect with people who are looking for the item you have on hand.

Marketplace is a new destination for those people who are in need and those always in want (read: shopaholics). You will see this Marketplace once you click on the shop icon found at the bottom of the FB app. Once you’re inside Marketplace, you will see items on sale. Feel free to search for keywords of items you want or need. For more specific searches, you can filter by price, category, or location. Most common categories are Electronics, Apparel, and Household.

If an item catches your fancy, click on the photo to view more information posted by the seller. Save item for later viewing if you’re quickly browsing. To buy the item, simply contact the seller directly. The two of you will have to discuss payment and shipping details.

Facebook Marketplace is currently available in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. Facebook users at least 18 years old can use the app and start doing business. No word when the feature will roll out in other countries and regions but it should be ready soon.

SOURCE: Facebook